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Welcome to the first dedicated danish / international Aphrodite 101 website.

This site has all kinds of interesting stuff for Aphrodite sailors. We have international news, local news, results, specs, tricks, trim, class rules, dates, reports, jokes, images, links, names, boats and what not. 


On a cold lonely night back in the previous millenium, - more specifically march 1998, - I put on my favourite websuit and went netsurfing. At that time of year I often find myself looking out the window, dreaming of sunshine, wind, salty water and maybe even a cold beer. 
Searching the web for Aphrodite 101 gave me close to zip, zilch, zero, nada, nil, null,  nothing. Sad and depressed I went to bed and had a bad nights sleep.
The next morning I knew what to do, and right now you're looking at it...


The goal is to update these pages at least once a month with all sorts of valuable and useful information from 101 sailors to 101 sailors about the 101. Dreams? Well, some day I'll probably turn this into a real online forum, but that's gonna take some time and some programming... Have faith...


This site was originally built for danish Aphrodite 101 sailors sailing in ěresund just north of the Danish Capitol, Copenhagen. At first I was surprised by the stats indicating that almost half the visitors are non-danes. Having visitors coming in from all over the world, I decided to remodel parts of the site into english. I also decided to set up a few pages specifically for handling international stuff.


On the 13th of september 2007 - after having thought about it for a long time - I finally set up The International 101 Mailinglist. The idea is to collect and distribute stories, results, boats for sale and whatever other relevant stuff from 101 owners all over the world to 101 owners all over the world. Those of you reading sailing scuttlebutt will reckognize this as the Scuttlebutt, 101 edition. 
Please note: I will not give your email to anyone else; I will not send you more than 12 mails a year. I will not use the mailinglist for commercial purposes, and - you can always unsubscribe via this site..



I would very much like to know who You are. How did You get here, and why?? Are you a  happy owner of an Aphrodite? Are you looking for a boat to buy? Are you something else? Whatever the case, drop me a note about your part of the world. Also, if you have any comments, stories to tell, updates, links, ideas, whatever, anything that'll make this site better - please! Let me know... thanx.

Contact / Email

My email is morten at aphrodite101 dot info. It is written like that to avoid those annoying robots that traverse the internet looking for emails to snatch.

Further info on me can be found on my personal webpage on www.nmma.dk.

Morten, D134

Please note

These pages represent my personal views and opinions unless otherwise noted. Idea, concept, design and material is presently a 100% one-man-project.


Busiest day so far: On March 11 2003 we had 348 visitors. 

year visitors total
1998 3000
1999 5000 8000
2000 7000 15000
2001 7500 22500
2002 10000 32500
6 2003 9200 41700
7 2004 9300 51000
8 2005 9500 60500
9 2006 10000 70000

I have changed to a new host as per 2006, and my method of counting has changed from pageviews to visitors.

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